Updating outlook express intimidating legal letters to threaten suit

Posted by / 09-Mar-2018 10:13

Updating outlook express

With Outlook Express it usually takes more like five years.

Last week Microsoft released several security updates, including one for Outlook Express.

After installing you will have to edit the registry before you can use saved *files as message templates.

To make this easier you can download this small registry file to make the change for you.

Just save the file to your desktop, right click on the file and select Merge.

But that crew had too few resouces to tackle some of the most frustrating bugs and quirks that have plagued OE users.

After spending two days with the Outlook Express development team it was apparent that they have been listening to our complaints, suggestions and feedback, and have devised some exciting new approaches to solving long-standing issues.

The Outlook Express that will be included in Windows Vista promises to be a great advance over current versions.

The removal of X-UNSENT functionality is quite intentional, and so is not just a regression bug that might be fixed.

This applies also to Windows Mail in Vista and any future products that might grow from OE/Winmail. The OE Powers That Be seem to think we users won't notice that they are removing a useful feature instead of fixing deficiencies that have plagued us for nine years.

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