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Unrated online dating

This made headlines last February when authorities launched a crackdown and a whole host of apps were shut down for “spreading obscene content and allowing registration with false names”.

There were 120 apps shut down for this reason to date.

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Jing was born in Guizhou, China and grew up in Hong Kong and England.

Kevin Choi, head of strategy and digital at French creative agency Air Paris’ Shanghai office, decided to get a closer look, launching a research project outside of work to find out more.

He had a team of researchers who helped him in his extracurricular research.

All other forms of meeting were noticeably in decline.

Many straight women were unresponsive to flirting, chatting or even invitations just for a coffee, leading Choi to conclude that straight men, even the handsome ones, seem to lose out easily online.

One clue might be Momo’s user base, which is 84 per cent male and which Choi’s research found to be overeager.

In response to the fake straight-female avatar bringing up the idea of a “hook-up” but then declining to follow through, the men continued to badger for responses.

“Lesbian profiles tended to have more visual and clear self-representation with full-face selfies expected and used as well as more ‘artistic’ and ‘reflective’ pictures.

“Gay guys had the most complex range: those pictures just showing flesh and muscles tend to be looking exclusively for sex, whereas face shots and still life tended to be those who didn’t want to give clues about whether their intentions were romantic or purely sexual.” They found that a lot of straight women tend to use selfies, and highly stylised and Photoshopped pictures.

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