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It’s not always sexual foreplay that turns her attention towards you. Look her in the eyes and learn the art of erotic touching and teasing — before going for the genitals — and you'll be her hero in bed.Just as important as her needs in the bedroom, is a woman’s need for your support in general.This advice is probably more directed at the guys, so men: listen up, learn something, and thank me later!It’s always a hot topic — sex — and our need and desire for it.It’s amazing to see the turnaround in a woman who is truly satisfied, both emotionally and physically…the glow on her face when she is well loved and “orgasmed” out, and her strong desire to do anything she can to show her man just how much she appreciates him.This hugely important difference needs to be taken into account in order for sex and lovemaking to be great for both of you. There are greater rewards for a man by delivering what his woman desires first.When your woman is truly satisfied, she opens even more, and is more than willing to grant you your wishes in return.

Sex and lovemaking has the potential to be either the most delicious or the most dissatisfying aspect of your life.

Firstly, this is by knowing that he is responsible for his partner's pleasure, and secondly, to have an appreciative partner wanting to give in return. Having had the great honour of sharing the intimate details of thousands of couples' love lives in my counselling practice, and having access to the latest world research and trainings on sex, love and relationships, I've come to understand that most men have not even scratched the surface of how to break open their woman, in order to have a highly rewarding sex life and relationship.

Men: believe it or not, the great news is that 70% of women would like more sex.

To get there, here's what they are looking for, which are my 6 hot tips to better, more frequent sex: For women, sex is like the glue in the relationship. For most women, the emotional is indivisible from the physical, and the emotional precedes the physical .

Her desire for her man is fed by feeling close to him and by his presence.

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