School days dating sim game tips for dating site messages

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School days dating sim game

If the player selects the correct answer, they will receive that character's special present - that character's underwear.

This will also unlock a heart icon next to that character's picture's on subsequent playthroughs of School Mode.

After reaching the 51st day, if the player manages to build every backup assigned, the students will all gather around Monokuma, who yells at them for making a "backup" that doesn't even look like him.

Out of anger and frustration, Monokuma decides to punish Makoto, saying that it would "motivate" the other students to do a better job next time, but the "backup" suddenly comes to life, introducing itself as Usami.

Gathering materials will slowly consume a student's energy, as well as reduce the cleanliness gauge.Each time Makoto takes a classmate to a location, and will be able to ask the classmate a question.Depending on how the classmate responds to the question, Makoto will earn zero, one half, or one full reputation heart on that student's report card.The game starts out identically to the beginning of the main story, where Makoto Naegi enters the school and passes out.However, Makoto does not wake up in an empty classroom and instead wakes up at the sealed exit room along with some of the other students.

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Getting all 10 hearts will unlock that student's ending. It uses mechanics used in the Non Stop Debate trial minigame in the main plot and is similar to the "Shot Through The Heart" minigame in the Island mode of Danganronpa 2.