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I had never seen the original two play versions or heard the soundtracks.I was not familiar with the songs at all, so cuts like "Coffee Break" in particular, made no sense to me until I saw the play twice this past weekend in NY and realized it helped to see that the dancers on stage were suffering through their caffeine withdrawal due to an empty coffee machine.I’m old enough (68) to remember reading Shepherd Mead’s original, tongue-in-cheek guidebook of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and recall both the original cast album and terrific movie with Robert Morse and Rudy Vallee.I doubt if anyone will ever be as perfectly cast as Morse, though subsequent revivals have tried.It was impossible to leave that show feeling anything but energized and happy.This CD captures that spirit and is a great pick-me-up whenever I need a shot of motivation for something.

He was not about to do any project without giving his "ALL". When I got my CD, I immediately listened to it on my way to work.But like Finch, he seems to be tapping into an almost bottomless reserve of willpower and determination to claim his place in the spotlight of a big-budget Broadway musical.Your eyes keep being drawn to him, even if he always lets you see him sweat.If Radcliffe seems confident that moviegoers eventually will accept him without his trademark round glasses and wand, he’s less certain about being understood as a young adult.“People always say stuff like, ‘You didn’t have a childhood,'” he said, his brow furrowing in frustration. Being on a film set is a fantastic place for a 10-year-old boy….

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On the surface, the British actor — with his squat, compact body and somewhat pasty complexion — seems an unlikely leading man.

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