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Barrett says people should ask themselves several questions about their partners to spot warning signs: When students approach her, Barrett, a former social worker, says she often does a quick risk assessment of the situation and tries to determine if there are any safety issues.She also helps them create a safety plan including steps they can take if a violent partner or ex-partner approaches.Go cycling, golfing or swimming in summer, and skating, skiing or sledding in winter.Watch Canadiens hockey, Alouettes football and Impact soccer.But she says this information would have been helpful at a much younger age."I think people tend to romanticize jealousy in a way that can lead people to think that their toxic relationship is a normal thing," she said.unhealthy relationships and thinks it "would be excellent" if that information could be available to more high school students.

She says they were a couple at the same high school and he had a long list of rules. Some girls aren't even virgins in primary [school]," she said.Hop from one festival to the next, from homegrown tastes to exotic flavours, from the trails of Mount Royal to the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal.Get inspiration from our lists to live the full Montréal experience.Barrett also directs students towards services available to people -— women, men in hetero and same-sex relationships — experiencing intimate partner violence.One of those services is Women Aware which has a support line (1-866-489-1110 or 514-489-1110), offers extensive support, and puts people in touch with other resources such as shelters, health services and legal assistance.

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"Not wearing shorts not wearing leggings because it would show a lot of my body ... She says teaching teens about healthy and unhealthy relationships needs to happen earlier — even before high school. Tobias Avison, a 17-year-old illustration student in his first year at Dawson College, says he has noticed some signs of unhealthy relationships among people his age — not his friends, but acquaintances.