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Cohen asks if the two ever knew each other “connubially,” and Sedgwick jumps to explain that their love was just puppy love. You all know how it's played, I'll give the name of an actor, you link him or her to Kevin Bacon by no more than 5 other actors (i.e., So and so was in "this movie" with "this guy", who was in "that movie" with "that guy", and so on). In 2007, he created Six, a charitable foundation.

The revelation is delivered to the Hollywood couple during , are shown how their families are intimately linked to key moments in American history, including the Declaration of Independence and the battle to abolish slavery. ,”The “six degrees” game is based on the idea that Bacon’s extensive film and TV career means he can be linked to just about any other famous actor.

on Tuesday night, and while they were there, fessed up to a decades-old secret: They were high school sweethearts!

Their history was revealed during a round of “High School Whoperlatives?

However DNA analysis also revealed that Bacon, star of , are connected to each other. Gates Jr tells Bacon he is about to play his own version of the game.

Presenter Henry Louis Gates Jr, the distinguished Harvard professor of African-American history, shows Sedgwick a picture of her 9th cousin once removed. His family is traced back to Bristol and Bacon learns that King Edward I, the “Hammer of the Scots” who fought William Wallace, is his 22nd great grandfather.“You and Brad Pitt are 13th cousins twice removed,” Bacon learns next.

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