Internet dating love at first sight

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Internet dating love at first sight

Those with love-at-first-sight syndrome don't really adhere to a type, so anybody can spark their interest at any time.This means you're open-minded, which is good, but it also means you're never safe from a potential fall.

The nature of love-at-first-sight syndrome is you know right away whether or not you're interested in someone because your feelings smack you right in the face.For answers, I turned to Laura Gub, a professional dating consultant who has written for various dating websites and blogs and specializes in profile editing/writing and general dating guidance.♦◊♦1.Do you believe it’s possible to either fall in love with someone after only knowing them for a brief time and/or falling in love with someone who you only know from afar (whether online or any other way)?If the relationship survives moving on from the infatuation phase, they’ll know it’s real.Even if it all feels very real, they should know that what they feel is mostly down to their imagination, as besides how this person presents themselves and “sells” themselves, they’ve got nothing to go on and we all tend to fill in the blanks with the way we wish that person should be. Although a virtual relationship could be a strong base for a real one, it can never be real on its own.

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If that idea matches reality, then it’s a win win situation. Over time we can get to know each other in depth, especially if the couple do something challenging together, like going away on a trip or collaborating on a work project. We see this person as perfection itself, or very near perfection.

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