Error validating verification code java

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Error validating verification code java

There are 3 choices, you can validate HTML code by using the url of the page, validate HTML code by using uploading from your computer or by entering HTML code into the interface.

Note: The upload from your computer service will not work if you use Internet Explorer and have XP SP2 installed.

The instructions will appear on HTML validator results page for inserting the image.

The guidelines for image use are available at My document is valid, can I use your valid icon?

This validation descriptor is valid only for drop down lists.

If you see the message "This page is not Valid XXXXX!

" (XXXXX will be the name of HTML standard it was tested for) then the HTML validator found that there are HTML coding errors.

After XP SP2 Internet Explorer sends the page in a format that the HTML code validator does not understand.

This is a Internet Explorer problem not a problem with the HTML code validator.

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The W3C group wrote the standards and created the validators available through their site and why I reccommend using their services to validate HTML code.

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