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Amazingly, this great mass of material was passed on in oral form for generations of rabbis.

The Mishnah was codified by Rabbi Judah before his death in 217 CE, but this may not have involved writing the material down on paper.

The Babylonian Talmud is huge and occupies thirty volumes in the Soncino translation.

The Mishnah is the earliest material and constitutes about 20% of the whole Babylonian Talmud.

The three most noteworthy references are given in links above: the hanging of Yeshu on the eve of Passover, the bastard son found in a book of genealogies, and the account of a certain Yeshu of around 100 BCE. I am terriffied of heights, I can be a very upbeat and bubbly. He is with me every day, unless I get a sitter (we don't have to deal with the baby Daddy drama lol). I like the beach, camping, going to the lake I even like looking at antique shops, I love Halloween and decorating my house and yard, I like haunted houses, roller coasters, I like watching movies new movies and movies I have not seen befor, I like to travel, and explor new places i havent been, I like to go look at little shop that have little nik nacs.Like the pagan sources, however, they provide little information for the historian seeking to construct a life of Jesus." It seems to me that the passage about the execution of Jesus (b.Sanhedrin 43a) derives not necessarily from the actual events but from Jewish and Christian dialogue & polemics.

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Was he not a _Mesith_ [enticer], concerning him Scripture says, _Neither shalt though spare, neither shalt thou conceal him?