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Although everyone in the story sees great things for Ben’s future, he ultimately fails them all (evidenced by the horrified faces at the church), by throwing away the future they had in mind for him and running away with Elaine. He clearly has a great future ahead of him, possibly as a partner in Dad’s firm, maybe even marrying Elaine. Ben’s father is very concerned that Ben isn’t “taking stock in himself and getting off his ass.” Mr.As Elaine and Ben are on the bus riding away from the church, they are very happy (this a matter of degree, of course, because there is a moment when their smiles fade slightly and become looks of “Oh my God, what have we done? Robinson suggests that Ben give Elaine a call when she gets into town, but Ben puts that off for as long as possible. Robinson to meet her at the hotel, he puts off the actual act of getting a room (and consummating the affair), for as long as he can.It looks, for the moment, as though he’s got a definite plan, and is making a concerted effort to achieve his future (it turns out to be a rather “half-baked” plan, however). Robinson discovers his wife’s affair, he seeks a divorce.The characters in The Graduate don’t see “avoidance” as problematic, they instead focus on “support.” Everyone has terrific, supportive things to say about Ben.After Trump had said hello to the pair with a cheeky handshake, the two couples smiled for the cameras.But then Trump barreled through the door on his own, leaving Melania to be gently escorted by the Obama's - who placed caring hands on her back to guide her.

But the choices that are made don’t seem to be particularly well thought out, or at the very least, not the wisest of moves. Braddock learns of Ben’s decision to marry Elaine, he tells Ben that “This whole idea sounds pretty half-baked.” To which Ben replies, “Oh no, it’s not. It’s a decision I’ve made.”)Perhaps the best thing for all concerned would have been to let Ben take his time in deciding what to do with his future. Robinson avoids it completely, choosing instead to have an affair with Ben.Typically the incoming president will take the First Lady's hand and guide her up the steps as the two shake hands with the former president and first lady in a customary show of peaceful transition of power.The stiff body language between Melania and Donald has prompted many to wonder about their relationship.This un-gentlemnanly behavior was in marked contrast to his immediate predecessors, who have all calmly waited for their wives to reach their side before the inaugural greeting.Videos of Barack Obama, George W Bush, and Bill Clinton all reveal their knack for etiquette, waiting for their first ladies to reach their side before greeting the previous president, Town & Country reported.

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He treats Elaine horribly on that date, forcing her to tears.