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We were caught in the ice but this is the first time we have seen land in a long time.’ Woman shouting is Aula (Myers, Joe Talirunili: 50).“Blodgett 1983) described the incident third hand, “According to Johnny Pov in the memories of Joe (Myers p.6), several travelling Inuit families became stranded on an ice pan after it broke away from the coast.Pollution from the south is blown north and falls in precipitation, where it is absorbed by plant matter.Normally when these plants die they are buried and return to the earth, but when this organic material is flooded the plants rot and methylmercury and other pollutants seep out into the water.

Activists say the project is being “greenwashed” in order to sell electricity to New England as a means for Nalcor to meet carbon emission targets. The renowned Labrador Inuk carver is on a hunger strike in opposition to what he calls “cost cutting” measures from the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial energy company, Nalcor, in their construction of the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Project in Labrador.The dam has already been constructed and flooding could begin at any moment — and that's something Gauthier says he cannot allow.“People have been telling us this since as soon as the papers were signed that it’s too big, you can’t fight this, you can’t change this, but we can,” Gauthier says.The lake already has elevated methylmercury levels from the Churchill Falls Hydroelectric project 300 kilometres upstream.The Lower Churchill project is only 35 kilometres upstream.

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1900 Scottish mine owners open a mica and graphite mine near Lake Harbour and employed Inuit miners.

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