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Accommodating monetary policy

In her interview with “Research suggests that the neutral real rate is probably somewhere in a 1.5 percent to 3.5 percent range.

To get to a neutral nominal rate, we have to add in expected inflation.

The factors that determine the neutral range are complicated and varying; as Dr.

The FOMC then embarked on a series of large-scale asset purchase programs to reduce longer-term interest rates.

An accommodative monetary policy is a strategy implemented by a central bank (e.g., the Federal Reserve) in order to stimulate and encourage economic growth by lowering short term interest rates.

This in turn, makes money less expensive for consumers and businesses to borrow.

Defining the neutral rate proves to be much simpler than calculating it, as noted by Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economist John C.

Williams in his October 2003 , “The Natural Rate of Interest.” The neutral federal funds rate has no explicit value—it is an estimate, and as economists famously disagree on many issues, they can also disagree on the range in which the neutral rate falls, and how it might change over time.

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This policy is also termed as loose credit policy or easy monetary policy.

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